Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deep Freezing Computers

Apart from the System Restore function in Windows, there used to be no other way to completely restore a bug free configuration of your PC after a major problem hit. What’s more, System Restore only enables you to go back a maximum of a few days to a previous clean configuration. Deep Freeze, on the other hand, enables you to protect and preserve clean computer configurations so that you can always restore your PC in the event of a major crash. No matter what changes you make to your computer, you can simply restart to eradicate all changes and reset the computer to its original state. The program is useful for anyone who has suffered software conflicts, operating system corruption and virus attacks.

After the simple installation procedure, you are asked whether you want to activate Deep Freeze, which will run a quick scan to “freeze” the computer in that state. You can then use the computer as you would normally but every time it is turned off, it will be returned to its original state. If at a later date you decide you want to make a permanent change you can temporarily disable Deep Freeze. The positive side of Deep Freeze is that it doesn’t impede the use of your computer in anyway. You can mess around with your PC as much as you want, installing and reinstalling programs and even deleting essential Windows files without worrying about the consequences. The downside is that if you forget to deactivate it, any work you’ve done or any essential changes you have made will be lost for good. It’s therefore advisable to save essential files or documents on an external drive when Deep Freeze is activated. You can also save to a special “thawed” section of your hard drive that is exempt from restoration.

Whilst useful for those who share a computer or administer a network of computers, Deep Freeze is somewhat impractical on a lone PC. However, if you like to save all your data to external sources, it’s a pretty solid assurance that your PC won’t be rendered useless by a major crash. Deep Freeze is currently available in two editions for Windows, Mac OS X and Windows Server with a Linux edition in the pipeline.
i can send you a link of the deep freeze i am using which i think is the most stable one, for sure and is easy to use, in fact i been installing deep freeze on my PC of which i dont have any major problems about my PC, in fact it is not easy to be attacked by weak viruses on the other hand spywares , etc... just email me so i can send you the link of where you can upload the software i been using for long...